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Benefits of lemon and its peel and some side effects:

Benefits of lemon and its peel: Lemon is the miraculous product bestowed by nature. It is a greenish or yellowish juicy Berry fruit, enriched in vitamin C and is commonly used as flavor and preservative in culinary and a number of therapeutic applications. The number of amazing benefits are associated with lemon and its peel.

lemon and its peel benefits

Benefits of lemon and its peel and some side effects:

10 Wonderful Benefits of Lemon:

Lemon is good for helping digestion and dehydrate the body. [1]
Lemon juice aids in the stimulation of bile acid and stomach acid, acts as a natural flush for liver. [1]
A booster of immune system – drinking of lemon water daily in the morning gives a strong activation of immune system in order to absorb vitamin C that has to be present in the lemon juice efficiently. [1]
Lemon helps to remove skin acne and gives a glowing clear beautiful skin. [1]
Drinking of lemon water assists in increasing metabolism and reducing body fat. [1]
It contains the high amount of vitamin C which helps in preventing of cancers and cardiovascular strokes and lowers the cholesterol level. [1]
Vitamin C of lemon also possesses antioxidant properties which damage the free radicals found in the body and make your skin as fresh as new born. [2]
Daily consumption of citrus fruits (lemon) provide a younger looking and less wrinkled skin. [2]
Take a cup of lemon water in the morning, it boosts energy and prevents from mood disorders. [2]
Lemon also helps in deodorizing the kitchen and dishes. Add few drops of lemon on the surface of dirty dishes and leave it for 2 minutes then clean it, it will remove all unwanted stains from the kitchen stainless steel and other accessories. [2]

5 Useful benefits of lemon peel:

Lemon peel is the vital source of vitamins, fibers, folates, calcium, magnesium, beta carotene that the human body normally requires as a balance diet. [3]
Lemon peel allows to reduce the oxidative stress, removes toxic and certain carcinogenic substances from the body. [3]
Consumption of lemon peel prevents from breast, colon, and skin cancer.
Paste of lemon peel in gram flour and milk help to removes the skin blemishes and darker areas. [3]
Lemon peel is also helpful in preventing osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Side effects:
Do not use lemon directly on your skin if you have acne on your face as it causes the pimple to bleed due to its acidic nature.
People with dark complexion should avoid using lemon on their skin as it leaves dark spots on the face. [4]
Thus lemon is the great source of vitamin C and its peel as well. So don’t waste the lemon peel as it contains five times more vitamins than lemon itself. Keep lemon in your daily diet and take advantage of all the amazing health benefits of lemon and stay healthy.

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