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I thank you for visiting my homepage, and I hope to share with you the rewards of enjoying an Active Wellness lifestyle — an opportunity that only Nikken offers. In 1975 Nikken introduced the concept of total wellness, an emphasis on balance in all aspects of living. For more than 36 years this philosophy has helped millions of people around the world to maintain good health and achieve financial security.

And as you will see, you can enjoy this satisfying and rewarding lifestyle without changing the way you already live. Nikken products, a Nikken Wellness Home and, if you wish, a Nikken business may help you to attain your dreams. MY STORY: In 1996 I graduated high school and went on to college, where I studied Business Administration for four years (plus two years of co-op). I had always been fascinated with numbers and dreamed of one day owning my own business, and thus I thought that this would be the ideal program for me. Unfortunately, I soon realized that by the time I completed my degree I, would have a large amount of debt, with no guarantee of a job afterwards due to the volatile economy at the time. I chose to go a more practical route and enter the workforce immediately instead, although the thought of owning a business was one that would stay with me. Over the next few years, I tried my hand at running some conventional businesses as side ventures. Some were successful… while others failed. One failure in particular though had devastating results for me personally. $200K in savings…. a home… and a marriage were losses that I suffered due to that misstep. After that, I began looking for an opportunity not just to replace my losses financially, but to give me the freedom to do determine my own future… and on my own terms.

Opportunity Of The Life Time: (If you wish)

A friend introduced me to one of NIKKEN’s product after learning about the back injury that had bothered me for many years. After 20 minutes of using “BACKFLEX” I was sold on the product. The quality of the product and the business model surrounding the company (Network Marketing) really impressed me. This was the first time that I had ever heard of this particular business model, and I made a concerted effort to learn more about it. After studying several successful people who had used the approach with great success and happily endorsed as well as other Rich and strong personalities like Robert Kawasaki, ZigZiglar, Ex-USA President Bill Clinton, Microsoft giant Bill Gates and much more, everything was clear to me. I felt as though a whole new world of opportunity just opened up for me and that I had finally found something that could help to lead me in the direction that I wanted my life to go in. These were my kind of people… intelligent, with positive attitudes, dedicated to living an exceptional life… and ambitious in their interest to make a difference in the lives of others.

Throughout my involvement with NIKKEN I have had the opportunity to come into contact with some amazing technologies. Now, instead of being uncertain about my future I am excited about it! To me, NIKKEN is not just a business… it’s a way of life, based on a philosophy that makes perfect sense to me. The Five pillars of Health. Healthy “Body”, “Mind”, “Family”, “Society” and “Finance”. In following this philosophy I’ve found that I’m now truly happy with who I’ve become since discovering NIKKEN and look forward to a future with the company.

I am most proud of being the father of two beautiful girls, Cassidy and Sharick, and one boy, Mikael. I am grateful to be a part of their lives and to be able to provide them with a clean, safe environment and an education that money can’t buy.

My Family Testimony:

My step-daughter Sharick had been suffering for years with allergies resulting in chest congestion, cough, and asthma. At one point she had been on seven different medications. Upon coming to stay with me in Canada from Colombia, I introduced her to two of NIKKEN’s products (the KenkoAir Purifier and the PiMag Waterfall System) and within one month her symptoms had disappeared. She was also able to stop taking her medication and is now completely healthy. As a result of my personal experience with NIKKEN’s products, I now feel obligated to share these technologies with others, in the hope that they might join me in making a difference in the world… one family at a time.

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