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SEIZURE-What Is It And Common Types Of Seizure

What is Seizure?

Seizures are simple involuntary electrical activity in the brain. In a normal and healthy brain, the electrical and chemical signals are often fired between nerves called neurons to drive the brain’s ability to think, feel and send necessary instructions to other parts of the body. Seizure simply occurs when the electrical system in the brain fails.

Symptoms of Seizures

These changes in the human brain may prompt symptoms like dramatic, noticeable and sometimes unnoticed symptoms and the symptoms may range from a physical convulsion, thought disturbances, minor physical signs or a combination of the listed symptoms. Dr. Ananya Mandal was of the opinion that sign of this malfunction in the brain might vary according to where exactly the abnormality is, and examples include visual disturbance, a sense of déjà vu, numbness, and tingling.

Common Types of Seizures

There are six major types of seizures. However the most common of them is the generalized seizures or better known as the Grand-Mal Seizure, some other ones are stated below

Grand-mal seizure – In this type of seizure, the patient loses consciousness and usually collapses

Absence seizures cause a short loss of consciousness (just a few seconds) with few or no symptoms. The patient, most often a child, typically interrupts an activity and stares blankly

Myoclonic seizures – consist of sporadic jerks, usually on both sides of the body.

Clonic seizures – are repetitive, rhythmic jerks that involve both sides of the body at the same time

Tonic seizures – are characterized by stiffening of the muscles.

Atonic seizures – consist of a sudden and general loss of muscle tone, particularly in the arms and legs, which often results in a fall.

Causes of Seizure

Seizures can be caused by head injuries, brain tumors, lead poisoning, maldevelopment of the brain, genetic and infectious illnesses, and fevers. In fully half of the patients with seizures, no cause can yet be found.

Can It Be Cured

Curing seizures have raised a lot of eyebrows amongst medical specialist and although there has not been a particular globally recognized treatment that can halt the malfunctioning of the electrical system of the brain. People who had however experienced it at some point in their lives have testified to being totally free from this dysfunction. And this has simply been made possible by a various medical online platform which has provided them a means to share their experience and the medications that worked for them.

According to Kevin Stagg who is a specialist, he was of the opinion that medication helps to control the number of the reactions an affected patient have daily and their severity and also one simply outgrows them except for some dysfunction in the brain.

Studies has further revealed that even though medications are quite different from one individual to another, one method that has actually standout of all and worthy of mentioning is the diamagnetic healing process and a wellness organization that has taken it into their scheme to manufacture products that helps to reduces this syndrome is Nikken.

Information collected from YouTube gives testimonies of people that have tried out the Nikken Magnet, and it has contributed to reducing the seizures and to some, it has ultimately helped to cure seizures completely.

“As far as magnets go, I have seen many amazing and seemingly miraculous things happen with their use. I remember meeting a man once who had strung 6 or 8 Nikken mini-magnets together and had fashioned a close fitting cap with them; I asked him if he was attempting to grow his hair back, but he told me that he suffered from severe seizures all his life, and was totally disabled with them, until he started to use the magnets on his head. He told me that as long as he wore the magnets, his seizures were held entirely in check, and he said that he could not care less whether his ‘hat’ might look odd to other people, as wearing it had given him his life back; he told me that he was now teaching courses, and had no problems”. – Dr. Brad

Other testimonies also found on different platform also testifies to the effectiveness of the Nikken Technology Products and one of the touching story is that of Logan who battled with seizures and at age 9, was confined to a wheelchair having experiencing five to seven Grand-Mal seizures. He showed improvement within 24hours having tried the Nikken Sleep System. And when his parents had acquired all Nikken’s components of a Wellness Home, he has since been relieved completely of the brain dysfunction.


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