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Soft Drinks-Harmful Effects Of Soft Drinks

Say NO to Soft Drinks!

Soft drinks– With summers incoming, any festivals, cricket or soccer matches, TV shows, and on any occasion, soft drink companies start to on air their advertisement to engage more and more customers towards their product. But people should know about the adverse effects of drinking soft drink on health. Here are the certain reasons that highlight the facts and figures and a second assumption while you buying the soft drink for the next time.


6 Adverse effects on Health of using Soft Drinks or Soda water:

  1. Soft drinks are the main source of increasing your body fats and blood sugar level. One single cane of soda contains a huge proportion of sugar, mainly ten teaspoons of sugar. Some people who think that they have no diabetic issue, they are safe and can drink. They are wrong. Regular consumption can produce diabetes or insulin resistant. [1]
  2. Soft drinks possess a high amount of phosphoric acid that allows the body to absorb calcium that causes severe health issues like osteoporosis, softening of bones, cavities, slow digestion and blocks nutrient absorption. [1]
  3. Soda water contains caffeine what has proved to be the cause of development of certain carcinomas, irregular heartbeats, breast lumps, hypertension and many others. Regular consumption of drinks can cause chronic dehydration. [1]
  4. Soft drinks contain high amount of fructose corn syrup that is originated from normally genetically modified corn which contains the traces of mercury that leads the variety of serious health disorders. [1]
  5. The risk of getting the deposition of fat layers on your body is higher while you consuming soft drinks regularly. [1]
  6. Soft drinks measured towards most acidic on pH scale. The range of pH scale is 0 to 14. soda drinkspH 0 indicates most acidic, 7 is neutral and 14 is being least acidic. Many of the popular soft drinks have pH 2.522 that is very acidic leads to the tooth erosion. [2]

Nikken PiMag water technology:

PiMag® Water Technology contains the filtration system that is associated with the filtration of certain water borne contaminants and pathogens by the help of natural charcoal carbon filter as it effective filtration medium which gives a huge surface area for adsorption. [3]

10 superb benefits of using PiMag® Water Technology:

There are certain benefits using PiMag technology water over using many commercial bottled water and soft drinks:

  1. It decreases compounds such as aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, mercury and volatile organic compounds. [3]
  2. piMag water pH is adjusted towards least acidic which maintains a balance against a typical modern diet and lifestyle that facilitates more acidity.[3]
  3. Ionizing technology saturates the water with electron-rich ions to neutralize free radicals, while pi ceramics and Nikken magnetic technology complete the process. [3]
  4. PiMag waterfall is the good alternative to commercially bottled water, which is supposed to be thrown in a landfill. [3]
  5. It boosts energy and relieves fatigue.
  6. It removes fats by-products and flushes out the bad toxins from the body.
  7. It promotes in losing weight drinking before the meal that reduces your hunger and raises your metabolic activities.
  8. Glowing your skin and removes pimples.
  9. It maintains your digestion which allows the meal to be metabolized properly and prevents from constipation.
  10. It gives relief from the headaches, migraines and back pains too which is the most common reason of dehydration. [3]


Water is an essential element for life, our body consists of 75-80% water and what we choose to drink is really up to us. To me, I do not take this for granted and only drink PiMag. Simply because Nikken products have built a trust with me. Water is a nature greatest GIFT to us and it’s free. Unfortunately, our way of life and industrializing has made this gift an unsafe to consume it. Even if you choose filtered PiMag water is almost free and still cheaper than bottled water, or high sugar and fat filled latte. And last but not least that soft drinks have no nutritional value or health benefits, If you choose soft drinks to quench your thirst for water. You are making the big mistake. Stay hydrated, stay healthy!


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